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Flag lot -- a parcel of land shaped like a flag; the staff is a narrow strip of land providing vehicular and pedestrian access to a street, with the bulk of the property lying to the rear of other lots.

Easement - An easement is the right to use another person's land for a stated purpose. It can involve a general or specific portion of the property.

How does an easement affect the person who grants it?
The landowner that grants an easement usually cannot build structures within an easement area or use fencing that would hinder access. Other activities might also be prohibited. Before you purchase property you should know where all easements are located and what restrictions are associated with them.

Can easements affect property values?
It's possible.

  • Several easements on a tract of land might seriously limit the choice of building sites.
  • High-tension power lines running through an easement near an otherwise great building site can be unsightly. Resale values may be affected since many people feel that living too close to power lines is a health risk.

Buyers may simply not like the idea that others have a right to use the land in is a part of your deed there's always a possibility that the individual who benefits from it will decide to enforce it.

Talk to an experienced real estate attorney to find out how and when an easement can be terminated.

In here we are talking about in the past an land owner sub divide a large parcel into several smaller lots, they are stack on from the street, to provide access for the lots behind it he recorded easements on all of the properties a common driveway. And the address numbers of all the properties are in sequence with the addresses on the main street. The problems are the maintenance, since it is private properties, so the city or county has no obligation to maintain or repair it. It’s the responsibilities of all the owners on the easement to maintain. But the language recorded on the easement may not have the power to enforce it, unless all the owners volunteer, it may be a headache.

Private streets-- They may lack basic road requirements like proper drainage or a suitable foundation. Their origin can be traced to the days before sub-division control laws regulated land development. Anyone owning property could record a plan dividing their property into new lots and proposed streets. No prior review or approval was required. The enactment of the Sub-division Control Law, in conjunction with city regulations, has effectively eliminated the creation of substandard private streets that were commonplace years ago.

Some of them are easements; the difference is they have a different name than the main street they abutted on.

Water stock-- Some smaller private water companies issue stock to all of the users they service. It can not be bought or sold on the "Stock Market". It can be transferred only with the property, so when you purchase property in the area you should ask the seller or use a local escrow company. They will remind both parties to transfer the water stock certificate with the water service provider. When talking with the Water Company it’s always better to use the account number that the seller provided rather than address, because the service address and mailing address sometimes are different. In very few instances, the properties have more than one share of water stocks, it probably has no effect on the value of the property but their water bill may receive a discount.

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