What Is A Silent Second Mortgage

– About DPA silent second mortgages. interest rates: rates for DPAs are usually lower than the market rate for mortgages, and don’t compound like a regular mortgage. For example, for a $50,000 loan with a 3% rate, the interest for the year would be $1,500 ($50,000 x 3%), which is added to the loan every year.

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A silent second mortgage is a type of mortgage that is taken out on a property that already has a mortgage with the holder not. This silent second mortgage is considered ‘silent’ because you will have to intentionally keep it a secret from your first lender in order to use it.

A piggyback mortgage can include any additional mortgage loan beyond. Down payment assistant mortgages may also be known as silent second mortgages. Generally, a borrower can only get a second.

When you hear the phrase "second mortgage," a negative connotation may come to mind. You could be thinking, "Why would I need a second mortgage? I'm not.

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This loan is referred to as a "silent second mortgage." But before Danny and Sandy get too excited, there are a couple things they should know about these types of loans. First, they’re called "silent second mortgages" because, historically, these extra loans were taken out without the knowledge of the first lender. This is a big no-no.

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A silent second mortgage is a second mortgage placed on an asset for down payment funds that are not disclosed to the original mortgage lender. Enter the silent second mortgage, a loan provided to a home buyer in order to cover the down payment, says Joseph Tsentner, a mortgage loan officer with Freedom Mortgage in New York.

The silent second mortgage is a loan taken by the borrower to provide a down payment of 20%. The primary lender funding 80% of the house value rests assured that in case of depreciation there will be equity of 20%, Silent second mortgages are mortgages that are taken out on properties that already carry mortgages.